Here is a great interview with Josie Musgrave, a Kokopelli Kids Summer training camp attendee. Check it out!

Kids and Youth Training Programs: and Lisa Rainsberger are dedicated to helping kids and youth explore and expand their fitness and competitive potential. offers youth running, triathlon and cross training groups and individual training programs. offers summer trail running programs, winter fitness programs, the Kokopelli Kids Trail Running Series and coaching the AAU/USAT&F Junior Olympic Cross Country teams. can help your child reach his/her age appropriate potential through form drills, instruction, goal setting and motivational techniques.

Here is what one set of parents said about Lisa's coaching...

"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful coach and such a lover of every child whose life you touch. It's easy to take coaches for granted. Bad ones are a dime a dozen, but the truly great ones are diamonds and worth their weight in gold. You are one of (if not THE) best coaches of any sport any of our kids (or us, for that matter) have ever worked with.

The positive difference you have made in Seth's life is invaluable.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-- Heath and Kristi Busche

If you are interested in exploring a training program for your child contact Lisa!

Camp Awesome
Camp Awesome 2013, High Altitude Youth Training Camp, Mohawk Lake elevation 11,780

Kokopelli Kids Trail Running Series

Here is just a sampling of the great things that occurred during this years Kokopelli Trail Running Series.


Team Pic Team Pic 2

All 2012 pictures provided by Footfalls Photography, Laurie Edwards.


Race Start! Go! Hardware! Buddies!

If you are interested in any of the Kokopelli Kids running activities for your child, please visit our sister site,, for the next event Coach Lisa will be sponsoring!




Happy Ian!

Opportunities for Kids!

Kokopelli Kids Trail Race Series

Land Sharks Run Club
Wicked Fast Triathlon Club
Colorado Torpedoes Swim Team