Lisa, Diane and pups at Spruce Mountain Hanging before a run at Red Rocks Open Space

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Saturday, 3/14
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Boston Marathon

Nutrition Pearls of Wisdom

Nutrition is your secret weapon...If you want your car to run properly, you must fill it with quality gasoline. The same goes for your body. Eating a quality diet will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. You are what you eat.

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What to Do When Inspiration Isn't Enough

As we head into the Holiday Season and most of your goal races are over it is easy to lose your inspiration to train, to stay focused on long term goals and to wallow in lack luster training. December may seem like a "moot month" but the reality is what happen now will set the tone for your 2012 goals and racing season.

Follow these tips when your inspiration may wallow during the holiday season!

Are you over training?

Check out this article article brought to our attention by Kerry!

Are You Slowing Your Metabolism?

Here are 3 Workout Mistakes that slow metabolism...

Run Quiet!

Yesterday I told one of my 10 year old youth runners to "run quiet". We were running along the Monument Valley Trail during one of our weekly winter fitness runs. I came up alongside him I noticed he had a noisy foot strike. I mean really noisy. "Run quiet" I told him, try to run as if you were sneaking up on your evil twin.

With my help, he was able to adjust his arms and his body to stop the noise. It did not last long and I had to reinforce running quiet several times however, if we work on this for the next several weeks I am hopeful to make this his natural style of running. Reinforce running quiet. Why? Load Rate, read the two articles and it will help you understand the concept.

Loading Rate: Part 1: What does it mean for you?

Loading Rate: Part 2: Forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot...Who cares?