Having trouble just getting out the door to workout?

What to do when inspiration is not enough.

  • Plan your work day around the most probable time you will actually do the workout. If you are not a morning person then donít plan to do your workout in the morning. Try scheduling your day around a noon workout or right after work.
  • Call up a friend or arrange for someone to join you for your workout. Having someone rely on you adds a huge element of accountability. Misery loves company...
  • Make your car/office your locker room. If you have your training gear with you if and when an opportunity arises you will be able to sneak out for a workout. The worst thing is finding you have time but you donít have your gear. Prior planning...
  • Commit to doing the first 20 min. of your workout. It is very easy to talk yourself out of your workout however if you can get past the first 20 min. you will typically warm up, blood sugars will promote a more positive feeling and if all fails at least you will have trained for 20 min.
  • Set a goal prior to each week. "I am going to run 5 days this week". If you have short terms goals established along with your long term race goals it is easier to stay focused on a week to week basis. Many times we have a long term goals 6 months away and it is very easy to get side tracked. Having a short term goals helps to keep you stay on track.
  • Have a training plan that is right for you. If your plan is too aggressive it is easy to sense failure in your training and you might shy away from your training. On the other hand, if your training program is not challenging enough the reward for training hard loses its charm. Be sure to work with a coach on establishing a race plan and a training plan that is right for your current ability level.
  • If you are having a hard time getting out the door for your workout, try running to a location and having someone pick you up. Leave early and run to the kidís soccer game or ask someone to drive you out, drop you off and you run home.
  • Run from various locations. Always running the same route adds an element of boredom. Drive to a trail that seems appealing.
  • Stop the chatter..donít let your head talk you out of training. Just put your shoes on and get out the door.